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6913 Rue Jarry E, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 1W7
About the company
Enseignes AGS has 30 years of expertise in the design, manufacturing, installation and repair of signs and graphic supports. This expertise, added to the creativity and the concern to be on the cutting edge of technology, makes AGS Signs a reference in the field.
Our mission is very clear: to provide optimized and fully tested products and solutions for our customers. At AGS Signs, we strive for nothing less than excellence, both in our customer relationships and in our products and services.
We are passionate about our field, and are always on the lookout for the latest technologies and the best ways to put your message and your company forward.

Personalized service

Dozens of options exist to get your message across. Our agents are available now to guide you in all your signage decisions. Put our expertise to work for you.
To advise our customers well and provide them with the best response in terms of eco-driving, both economically, socially and environmentally.
Examples of achievements
Push through sign
More and more popular, they are made of acrylic letters that stand out through cut aluminum faces creating a relief effect. They are always backlit.
Graphic support
various vinyls and materials are used for the realization of a graphic charter which defines the identity of an entity or a company.
Channel sign
Being by definition individual 3D letters, Channel letters can be made of various materials, be illuminated or unilluminated and have direct and/or indirect lighting. An LED lighting system ensures brightness.
What our customers say
Allen Macramalla

Excellent service. I was very happy with the final product. Sam was very professional and reliable with a fair price. Thank you Sam!

Ilyes Abdoun
High Performance Sports Center

First experience with AGS signs, what can we say except that we are completely satisfied with the professional work and the quality of the exchange before and after the making of the sign. Thank you again for your professionalism. I recommend them to anyone who has such a project.

A service that meets your expectations
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